Got some questions? Looking for community? Come walk with us!

Michele and Tania spend Tuesday mornings together getting some fresh air, moving their bodies and chatting about everything motherhood. And we love to have company! The purpose of these walks is to build community for new mamas and growing families so that we all feel like we have a tribe to lean into when we need it. As a midwife and a doula Tania and Michele are also happy to share their expertise and knowledge about everything birthy and postpartum with a special eye toward alternative options and a holistic approach to life. 

Michele - Postpartum doula

Michele is a practitioner of the healing arts. Over the years she has recognized the need for the cultivation of a healthy-balanced lifestyle and the importance of Mind, Body and Spirit alignment; with the outlook and perspective of the whole-body approach.

She’s currently working on multiple certifications to provide a well-rounded practice and support for her clients; training in alternative healing modalities such as Reiki, and as an Ayurvedic Care Provider, with a specialization in Mamas, Babies and as a Postpartum Doula.

Michele offers virtual Health Counseling and Doula support beginning in the pre-conception phase; as well as HandsOn Healing services and Postpartum Support for those local to Ventura and Los Angeles Counties.

Tania - Homebirth midwife

Tania likes to talk about birth, loves hanging out with babies and kids, and is extra happy when she can do them both outside. 

She looks forward to connecting with you on the trail!

Monthly Schedule (subject to change)

1st Tuesday of the month – Ojai Meadow Preserve. Meet on the Lomita side by Meiners Oak Early Elementary School

2nd Tuesday of the month – Bike path walk and play at Libbey Park before heading back.
This is stroller friendly and could even work for littles on wheels of their own. Meet at the Park and Ride by Boku.

3rd Tuesday – Ventura River Preserve. Meet at Oso Trailhead
This is best for littles in a carrier or big enough to walk on their own. 

4th Tuesday – Shelf Road. Meet at the top of Signal street. 

Let us know if you are planning on coming. 

Michele: 310.699.7660 or
Tania: 805.746.4509 or

Also feel free to reach out if you have questions. We look forward to seeing you on the trail!