Tania weighing a newborn at a home visit.

Tania McCracken - home birth midwife

Tania is dedicated to supporting you and your growing family. She has been practicing midwifery since 2007 and became licensed in 2008. With a background in education, Tania quickly became a midwifery student preceptor and course instructor at Maternidad La Luz, the birth center where she completed her own training. She started Tania McCracken Midwifery, an independent home birth practice, in 2011 when she returned to California. She is certified in neonatal resuscitation and CPR. She attends peer review and is a board member for the California Association of Licensed Midwives. As a lifelong learner, Tania is regularly taking midwifery continuing education courses to stay up to date on current evidence based midwifery practice. Tania takes pride in providing family centered care in her hometown community in the Ojai valley and Ventura County.

Tania McCracken - nature lover

Being outside fills my cup. I love getting my heart pounding in the mountains above Ojai as well as rambling along the beach in Ventura. Fresh air, sunshine, and physical exertion just make me feel good. I take my kids backpacking at least once a year and we love playing in our backyard creek in Matilija Canyon. I get excited planning an outdoor adventure challenge where I get to see something new and have something to train for. For my 50th birthday I want to hike the rim to rim Grand Canyon trail. 

Tania with her three kids on a backpacking trip in the Santa Monica mountains.
Tania with her family picking up trash at the Ventura Pier.

Tania McCracken - environmentalist

As a teen I gave up toothpaste, blenders, curing irons, and air conditioning in the car all for the earth. I am not quite as hardcore as I was as a teenager (I love a minty fresh toothbrushing) but I am still very passionate about the earth. I cloth diapered all of my children. I line dry my clothes and I shop at the farmers market to buy local and minimize packaging. My grandparents picked up trash wherever they went and inspired others to do the same. My children pick up trash now to “make the earth happy” and that fills me with joy.  

Tania McCracken - creator

Creation keeps my mind sharp. Designing a gift for someone I love brings particular joy. I enjoy knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, woodwork, computer graphics, photography, and crafts with found objects from nature. 

Newborn wearing a crochet santa hat, a onesie that says "Homemade Homebirthed". and holding onto two adult fingers.

Dear family considering home birth, 

Hi. My name is Tania and I love birth. It is what I do to make this world more beautiful. I believe that babies  born gently and welcomed with love lead to confident people who add positivity to this world we live in. And this journey of raising a tiny human is a big deal. I love supporting families along this parenting path. My job as your midwife is to be an educator and to support you in making the best possible decisions for your family. I will be your guardian of safety and be there with you to celebrate the birth of your baby. Birth is beautiful. Birth is normal. Birth is magical. 

Love, Tania.              

Tania holding a sleeping newborn at Libbey Park in Ojai, CA