Midwifery Services

What services can your community midwife actually provide for you?
Monitrice Services
Fertility Counseling and IUI
Wellness Care


Two big sisters are reaching to touch their new baby that was just born in a birth pool. Mom holds baby.

Home Birth Services

What services can your community midwife actually provide? Licensed midwives that practice in the community (some say out of the hospital) are specialists in physiologic birth. This is birth with a healthy pregnancy without complications. We midwives provide the whole package of care. This includes prenatal appointments, lab work, home birth and postpartum care for mom and baby for 6 weeks. 

Monitrice Services

This is the midwifery model of care for prenatal care with the plan to birth at the hospital. Maybe that is the best place for you to be for your birth but you want the trusting relationship of a midwife who you know will be there by your side for your birth. As a medical professional I can support you laboring at home and help determine the right time to head to the hospital.

Getting Pregnant

Getting one of these bundles of joy can be challenging for some. Your community midwife can help you get pregnant? This looks like a lot of different things for different families but includes everything from preparing your body for pregnancy, fertility counseling, to actually getting pregnant via IUI for solo parents or families who need sperm. 

Welness Care

Your community midwife can help keep you healthy between pregnancies. Pap smears and lab work are available with your community midwife. 


Education is a big part of midwifery care and is woven throughout all types of care so that you feel empowered to make good decisions. I am particularly passionate about teaching siblings about birth and offer standalone classes for all siblings becoming big brothers or sisters.