What is a Monitrice?

Some families feel safest birthing in the hospital. Some families are safer in the hospital because of the resources that are available in the hospital. These families can still benefit from midwifery care. As a licensed midwife I can provide prenatal care, birth preparation, labor support at home and labor support at the hospital and postpartum care in your home.  

Photograph of mom holding her pregnancy belly.
Prenatal Care

This is the clinical assessment of you and your baby. It includes measuring vitals, listening to and measuring baby and discussing the physiologic aspects of pregnancy. This can be in addition to seeing your OB.

Photograph of a birth affirmation that says "I am ready to meet my baby."
Birth Preparation

Hour long appointments leave plenty of time to do the mental and emotional preparation for birth and parenting. This is where we envision your birth and plan for all of the possibilities that might arise.

Mom holds her freshly born baby on her chest.
Labor and Birth support

I will be on call for you starting at 37 weeks. As a licensed midwife I can monitor your baby and check dilation to determine the best time to transfer to the hospital for your birth. At the hospital I continue to provide support and guidance.

New big sister holding her new baby and kissing her on the head.
Postpartum Care

Postpartum home visits after you return home include clinical assessments for you and your baby as well as support navigating the newborn period.