“From the initial 5 minutes of our very first meeting I felt comfortable and confident in Tania’s care. I had spent the early months of pregnancy working within an HMO system and receiving prenatal care in a traditional medical setting. It is truly remarkable not just how much more personal the midwifery model of care is, but also how much more thorough it is. Tania spent time getting to know me, helped me select supplements, took the time to ask about my emotions, and even laughed at my husband’s painfully cheesy jokes. She became a friend, therapist, care provider and incredible guide through my entire pregnancy. My labor was long, and tough, and I was so happy with the decision to experience it in the comfort of my own home and with the guidance of someone at once so kind and gentle but also confident and knowledgeable as Tania. She ensured that the baby and I were safe and that things were progressing normally, but otherwise allowed my husband and I to experience the beautiful process of birth mostly on our own. When it was time for her to jump in she was right there and she and her team took amazing care of my family before leaving us to rest comfortably in our own bed. I now cannot imagine the experience of giving birth any other way or with any better guide. Thank you Tania, we truly adore you.”

- Katie and Corbin Stevens, 2016

“From the moment my husband and I decided to start the journey into parenthood, we knew we wanted a home birth. Before we even conceived, I had reached out a few times to ask questions of our local midwives and the responses were less than friendly! As soon as we got that positive sign on that pregnancy test, I contacted Tania. Do you believe in love at first email response? I’m now a believer! I knew she was going to be our midwife, she didn’t….but I did!

After our first meeting with her in her home, my husband and I were very confident in our choice. That confidence grew as the months passed by and we built a relationship with Tania. She always answered all of our questions, as silly as they were, with respect and we learned tons from her. When it came to tests for myself, as well as the baby, we weren’t pressured to choose one way over the other. We asked for her input and then we were free to do/choose what we felt the most comfortable with. The whole midwife/home birth experience is truly tailored to you!

When the big day arrived, we were fully prepared and Tania helped us through it all. Most of it was standing back and letting things unfold naturally – such a great approach. She knew when it was getting close to pushing time, needing an energy boost time, nap time….her intuitive grace filled our living room and we couldn’t be any happier.

Our Indigo is now almost 4 months old and we can still reach out to Tania if we have any questions. Having her on our ‘Baby Team’ is comforting and priceless!”


“In birth we lose the woman we have been…left to find the warrior mother within”.
My husband and I welcomed our first child in the comfort and security of our home thanks to Tania. She was essential in me finding my way through pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Tania was what I personally had hoped for in a midwife. Her wisdom, vulnerability, patience, and support is something all midwives should work to achieve. And what was most important to me is her having confidence in my husband and I to achieve the birth experience we wanted. Because of my Husband and I both being EMT’s, we desired to do the delivery ourselves. Tania gave us guidance and support when needed. And only jumped in when necessary. She also brought a sense of calm to our family and home. Because of this we had confidence in us. And in the end I was able to deliver our son into my husbands hands in our birth pool. Tania’s continued support through postpartum has been much appreciated. Helping me to be open about postpartum depression and seeking help. A great support system is a huge part of your life line as a woman in all things motherhood. Tania is an amazing midwife, mother, woman, and friend. Thank you for your big heart Tania! We love you.

 - Sydney Latham, 2016

“The moment I stepped into our first appointment, I knew that we were going to continue on this journey together. I had already experienced my sisters first birth in a hospital and I knew that setting was not for me.

Tania became my maternity therapist. We would go through all of the important questions about my health, check on my son, and then the floodgates would open. Sometimes it was about my feelings, sometimes it was about other births I had seen, and sometimes it was just technical questions, but in the end I left with a sense of fulfillment and confidence. And if that confidence ever wavered, it was quickly restored by Tania’s reassuring smile and empathy.

I had a severe illness during my pregnancy (not pregnancy related) and Tania was at my bedside in the ICU taking care of me. Her kindness overwhelmed me. I couldn’t believe how lucky my baby was to have someone help deliver him that was so kind and intuitive.

When it came time for delivery, I had no hesitations. I felt no fear, and I dove head first into my labor and contractions. Tania had listened all that time. She hovered silently unless I needed her and let me deliver my baby. She let me complete this arduous and beautiful journey, just as I had set out to do.

But the icing on the cake of the whole process, for me, was the comfort and calm of being at home with my newborn. The complete trust between all four of us, husband, mother, midwife, and baby, that we had built over the last 36 weeks we all coming full circle, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Tania’s care actually inspires me to have another baby! But it has also opened my eyes to the necessity of shining the light on the information that we are not privy to as women. She makes me want to be a warrior for other women. And I’m so grateful for her coming into my life.”


“I was fortunate to have done a lot of research on midwifery before I became pregnant, so that when it happened I didn’t think twice about looking for a midwife, and my husband and I are so happy to have found Tania. It sounds like a silly statement, but she views birth as a normal process, and I think it’s something we need to remind ourselves of in today’s society. It seems very common to fear pregnancy and childbirth, and under Tania’s care it all melts away. She treats it like the beautiful spiritual, mental and physical experience that it is, instead of just the physical. I tell people all the time that I wish I could be pregnant with and give birth to my son again, and they are always taken aback to hear that. I believe the care Tania gave me during my pregnancy was very key in what made my birth so easy, because she is non-judgemental, nurturing, attentive and understanding. I felt very safe with her and trusted that she could handle my birth. As a first-time mother I feel fortunate to say that my son was born four hours after my labor started, and there was so little pain I barely felt him come out. He was immediately placed on my chest, and she stayed for many more hours making sure that my son and I were healthy enough to leave, and continued to attend to us and make sure everything was going well for six weeks after. I am endlessly grateful about the entire experience from it’s beginning to it’s end, because my husband and I are very dedicated to our son, and Tania helped both of us to bring him into this world as peacefully and happily as possible, and that’s an immeasurable gift. I can’t thank you enough Tania!”

- Amanda, 2015

“Shortly after I learned I was pregnant with my son, I immersed myself in research. Naturally, I was in search of the right path for me and for my husband to bring our child into this world. I quickly became inclined to search for a midwife, as I felt strongly about a natural at-home water birth. I contacted Tania, and the very first time my husband and I met her, we knew instantly that she was right for us. We fell in love with her and the relaxing atmosphere she provided us with. We immediately felt comfortable and confident about the journey ahead of us. Tania was very thorough and informative, while at the same time, always encouraging us to do our own research, as responsible parents should do. She guided us so gracefully through each stage of our pregnancy and addressed all of our questions and concerns along the way. When the time came to deliver my son, Tania was immensely supportive and gentle throughout the entire labor and delivery. She was constantly encouraging to me and to my husband as we labored together. And although my labor and delivery experience was both challenging and lengthy, Tania reassured me and comforted me throughout the entire process. She never wavered. After 38 hours of active labor, Tania helped us welcome our firstborn son, Maximo Negev Colombo, into this world in the most beautiful and peaceful way possible. We thoroughly enjoyed our experience, and we deeply treasure our relationship with Tania. So much so, that she was the first to receive the news of our second child, whom we will be expecting in April 2016. We look forward to another truly magical journey with Tania as we prepare to welcome our second child into this world.” 

- Gina Colombo, 2015

“When my husband and I came to see Tania we knew pretty quickly in our discussions that we were very much on the same page about how we feel about childbirth, and that made our decision to go with her very easy and comforting for us.  We really appreciated the fact that we knew who would be delivering our baby if all went normally.  We wanted a natural and calm birth, and Tania has a very nurturing and assuring way about her.  Fortunately we were able to have our ideal birth experience, and Tania helped me as a first time mother believe in myself even in moments when I didn’t, and I found myself looking to her for comfort and reassurance, something doctors simply don’t do for you.  She never rushed our appointments, and always made sure all our questions were answered.  I can never describe in words what it was like to deliver my baby boy in the comfort of my bedroom and feeling the triumph of making it through labor naturally.  I held him in my arms with the peace of knowing we were in good hands and that short of an emergency, Tania would be able to handle all the other medical necessities.  I couldn’t have asked for better.”

- Maria S., 2014

“When we think of Tania, we think of the gift she was for us in our time of need. We met Tania six months into our pregnancy after our original midwife was unable to attend our birth for personal reasons. We are so grateful for the people who strongly recommended Tania to us. After the initial interview, we were confident in Tania’s skill and honesty. Little did we know that with every prenatal visit, a connection was growing and our trust in her knowledge and compassion was deepening. We were first time parents having a homebirth and Tania was exactly what we needed. She was a steady hand in times of chaos, encouraging in times of self-doubt, and a calming aura in a house full of loons. During 49 hours of labor, I knew I could have my baby at home. It was Tania’s instincts and patience that allowed me to do so. Tania’s level of care and compassion for us, and our son was above anything we had ever anticipated. Our experience with Tania was more than extraordinary. We plan on having our next child with Tania and look forward to being in her care again.”

- Adriane and Jordan Garbayo, 2013

“I have had the wonderful opportunity to experience birth at a birth center, a traditional hospital and now at home with a midwife.  The care I received from Tania during pregnancy and labor was delivered with compassion and love.  Her extensive knowledge of midwifery care is astounding and I have never felt safer in any other birth setting.  Through my pregnancy she cared for me, taught me, prepared me and encouraged me. But not just me, lovingly she opened her arms to my husband and 3 children and helped prepare them as I felt comfortable with. That was what was most important to me as we experienced the entire pregnancy from check ups through labor to the final birth of our baby Joy. Having Tania as my midwife was incredible and I will choose her again if we have a 5th child. I am looking forward to it.”

- Natalee Estrada, 2013

“Having a baby is the most wonderful experience a women can have, and having gentle prenatal care and childbirth helps to end that experience sweet and happy, that’s what I believe. When I discovered I was going to have my second baby I knew I did not want to have her at the hospital like I did with my first baby; finding a midwife was the first step to get the natural care and childbirth I was looking for and Tania filled that profile neatly: wise, professional, responsible, friendly, supportive and very gentle. My second and third babies have been received to this world by the hands of Tania and both experiences have been wonderful. She gave me the security I needed and supported me all the time. By having two opposite experiences: my first baby at the hospital and my second and third with Tania, I definitely know that the second way helps the mother to feel more relaxed and secure by being surrounded with a familiar face in a warm environment making a happy mother and baby. Thanks Tania for creating beautiful memories of my children’s births.”

- Lizette Vazquez, 2010

“Tania was my midwife for my first pregnancy and I feel completely impressed and content about the care she provided.  I truly feel like I got the midwifery experience I desired.   Tania is passionate about the power of midwifery care, and I know the care she provided my family changed our lives. At our prenatal appointments she was very attentive and intuitive. She knew how to meet me where I was at. I appriciated  her direct, honest style of communication. Nothing I shared with her shocked her and I quickly felt like we formed a trusting relationship where I felt unconditionally loved and supported. To me, Tania has the perfect balance of being detail oriented and laid back. She educated me about my choices and supported my decisions.  I felt well cared for and safe.  When I went into labor Tania brought the perfect amount of energy in to the room. One vivid memory I have about birthing  that will stay with me forever, was when I was pushing. The feeling of my daughter crowing was so intense and I looked up and made eye contact with Tania, I had the feeling of safety came through me, and I believe that the trust I had with my midwife provided me with the space and freedom to birth my daughter in the most beautiful way. I have nothing but gratitude for the experience I had in Tania’s care.”

- Andrea Ruizquez, 2010

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