Hello Baby is my absolute favorite book about home birth written for kids. The illustrations are just beautiful and tell the sweet story of a baby being born at home. It is a stormy night and the whole family is involved.


I love how books get us talking about things. And kids books get us talking about kid topics. The things that they have questions about or are curious about. A simple story and an opportunity to discuss can reveal what they have been mulling over and wondering about. 


This home birth story is told from Jack’s perspective. He is the youngest of 3 and has never seen a baby be born before. This is a family affair and Jack is included. He learns about labor noises and how movement feels good. The midwife comes and sets up her equipment and they build a fire in the fireplace to get the house cozy warm for the baby. Mum births her baby standing up and holding on to dad and all of the siblings get to watch. Then mum gets tucked into bed and there are tears of joy. A healthy placenta is born and after soup the new family of 6 sleeps together  in their sleeping bags by the fire. 


This book not only tells a story and shows what a home birth can look like but also acknowledges the great variety of feelings that can come up for kids. This is exciting. Mum is loud! I am nervous. I don’t know what this is going to be like. I wonder what it is like for baby? Tender sweet love. I miss my spot in the middle. Cuddles feel good. All of these feelings are ok. 


This is the one kids book in my lending library that I have multiple copies of. Pretty much all of the big siblings coming to prenatal appointments with me read this book. It is really such a treasure that it often gets read many times if not daily as families prepare for home birth. It has so many layers to it that new things are noticed each time it is read. I just read it 5 times writing this blog post and enjoyed it each time. Sweet. Simple, Informative. And beautiful.