My first memory is of my sister Angela’s birth.  I was three and it was a glorious day; I now had my own personal warm and cuddly baby.  All four of my younger siblings were born at home and I feel lucky to have grown up experiencing birth at home as fun, exciting and normal.

I spent several years working as a high school teacher and as a wilderness educator for Outward Bound.  My work was very fulfilling as I witnessed my students’ rise to the occasion and meet challenges that they never thought were possible. Life transformations unfolded as groups worked together to survive in the wilderness and to reach the summit of a mountain. My students’ achievements inspired me to reflect on my own life and find my own mountain to climb. Midwifery.

In the fall of 2007 I began my clinical and academic midwifery studies at Maternidad La Luz, a birth center in El Paso, Texas. After 13 months of academic classes, prenatal appointments and many births I gained national certification and became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and a Licensed Midwife in Texas. I spent two years working at the free standing birth center as a licensed midwife where I managed births, helped to train midwifery students in clinical skills, and taught academic classes.


On June 26, 2010 my son Lucas was born. Another glorious day. My pregnancy, birth and new parenthood have contributed to my understanding of midwifery care tremendously. I now speak from a place of greater knowing.

In 2011 we returned to California for work and to be close to family. I am now licensed to practice midwifery by the California Medical Board and have a small home birth practice. We have enjoyed settling here in the Inland Empire where we like to explore the mountains and the desert.

In addition to midwifery I love listening to music and dancing with my son, preparing healthy meals, being outside in the rain or sun and especially on top of mountains, running through parks or just to get the laundry, camping in the moonlight, quilting or knitting with family and friends, teaching to those eager to learn, baking to celebrate special occasions, traveling, and of course documenting virtually every moment with my camera.

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